Why Daily Mobility Exercises?


Whether you’re an athlete or someone who sits at a desk all day, lack of mobility can cause stiffness and pain now, and bigger problems down the road. PTSMC Clinicians recommend daily mobility exercises because almost everyone has some amount of daily movement dysfunction, whether it is due to vocational strain (i.e. poor postural performing desk work/computer work or whole body strain from prolonged manual labor) or due to motor imbalances with performance of recreational activities/sports. This is especially true for CrossFit and HIIT workouts for individuals who may not be wholly balanced in terms of motor recruitment and stability. Most people do not necessarily have symptoms until enough stress and strain has been placed upon an area of dysfunction, and daily mobility activities can help to counteract this mounting dysfunction to avoid injury, strain and symptoms which can sideline any of the above activities. A physical therapist or movement specialist can assess and diagnose movement dysfunction to help prescribe a more specialized mobility program to address specific impairments.

Below, our experts have put together a packet, including descriptions and photos, of 13 daily mobility exercises you can do at home to prevent dysfunction and keep your body moving and feeling good.

*As always, consult your physical therapist or physician with questions or concerns, and before starting any new fitness regimen; we are here to help and guide you!

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