A Letter From PTSMC President Alan Balavender 

Thank you for choosing PTSMC as your physical therapy provider

Thank you for choosing PTSMC as your Physical Therapy provider

To help you understand the structure and culture of PTSMC, I need to give you a little of my personal history.  My parents combined blue collar roots, modest means, a tremendous work ethic and a healthy dose of the “American Dream” with entrepreneurship.  My father owned a small auto repair facility on the same corner for 42 years, while my mother owned and operated a small well-respected real estate sales business.

Together they taught me some valuable life and business fundamentals.

Go above and beyond for those you serve. In business the customer is your most valuable asset. Make sure to deliver on every promise you make and always look for opportunities to improve.

Surround yourself with the best and brightest you can find. If you are fortunate enough to have people want to work with you, make a commitment to help them develop personally and professionally. Create opportunity, rewards and success.

Understand the value of relationships. In the end, quality of life isn’t a measure of money or material; it is about enjoying what you do with those that mean something to you.

I began to put these fundamentals into practice in 2000 when I purchased a single practice, and these life lessons are the foundation of every PTSMC facility. Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by providing unmatched experiences, clinical excellence and lifelong relationships.

Whether you are our patient, our employee or a referral contact, we want PTSMC to be YOUR PT FOR LIFE!

Best in Health,

Alan Balavender, PT, MS

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