Your First Visit

Thank you for choosing PTSMC and PT for Life as your physical therapy provider!

We are committed to providing a world-class experience for you from the moment you first contact us through your clinical treatment to the moment you feel better.

Below you will find important information about your first visit, including frequently asked questions and intake forms that must be filled out. If you have any additional questions, please call your clinic directly and one of our Patient Service Coordinators will be happy to help you.

Intake Forms

As with most healthcare practices, there are forms that need to be completed prior to your initial examination.  For your convenience and to save time, we have all forms collected in a downloadable packet here.

If you need individual forms, you can find and download them below:

The Medical History form assists our clinical staff in their evaluation of how to proceed with treatments of your injury.  Know that your Medical History form is confidential between you and your therapist.

For purposes of HIPAA, please read our Notice of Privacy Practices, as it describes how we may use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment or health care operations.

By signing the Consent Form you are giving PTSMC permission to:

  1. You agree and give consent for Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers to provide necessary medical care and treatment.
  2. Authorizing us to release any information needed for the payment of any claim to your insurance carrier, and payments to Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Centers from your insurance carrier or third party payer.
  3. Use and disclose your protected health information to carry out treatment, payment activities and health care operations.


What do I need to schedule an appointment for physical therapy?

Connecticut law allows physical therapy treatment without a physician’s referral. Some insurance companies do require that you have a prescription to cover physical therapy services. To begin physical therapy call one of our offices and we will help guide you through the process by coordinating with your physician and insurance company to start you on the road to recovery.

Why do I need an evaluation on my first visit?

The physical therapist will perform an initial evaluation to establish a baseline of range of motion, strength and functional restrictions. They will also evaluate soft tissue tightness, pain levels and motion dysfunctions. From these initial findings they will design a treatment plan that will give you the best possible rehabilitation outcome possible.

What is a typical physical therapy treatment?

Your initial treatment with evaluation will take approximately 1to 1 ½ hours, and typical visits after will take 45 minutes to 1 hour depending upon treatment. During treatment your therapist may use modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation to assist in pain, inflammation and tissue tightness, but by far the therapists most effective tools are their hands. Physical therapists are trained to use manual techniques to improve range of motion, decrease joint restriction, decrease pain and restore functional ability. Lastly, your treatment will include exercises and instruction on a home care program to improve strength to the affected area and improve long-term results.

Do you offer private treatment rooms?

Yes, all of our offices have individual treatment rooms for private treatment and an exercise gym area.

Do you communicate my progress to my doctor?

Yes, on a regular basis we send your referring physician an update on the progress you have made in physical therapy. If you wish a copy of this update be sent to any other physician please inform your therapist and we will be glad to do so.

What do I need to bring to my first visit?

Please bring the prescription from your physician and a copy of your insurance card or any other medical claim information if your injury is work or auto related. Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing based on the location of your injury. For example, shorts for a lower extremity injury (knee or ankle), loose or sleeveless shirt for a shoulder injury. We provide gowns if needed for care of neck and back injuries.

What injuries do you treat?

You can see a full list of our treatment options, along with more detailed information on each treatment, here.

How long will it take me to rehabilitate my injury?

This is a very common question, but is also very difficult to answer. Although there are many similar injuries everyone’s rehabilitation differs, based on age, duration of injury, associated health issues, activity and overall fitness level. Your therapist may be able to give you a more accurate estimation of your rehabilitation after initial evaluation and treatment.

What should I wear?

Appropriate clothing is necessary for you to get the most out of your physical therapy sessions. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that you can exercise in.  This includes sweatpants, t-shirts, or shorts. For patients who are coming to physical therapy before or after work, we have changing rooms available.

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