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Welcome to PTSMC Middletown!

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers Middletown is conveniently located on Main Street Extension in Middletown, Connecticut (for new visitors, please note: parking and main entrance are located in the rear of the building off of Cooley Avenue at the far end of the lot). We are committed to providing the very best physical therapy care in Middletown and beyond. We accept most insurances. For a full list of accepted insurances click here. Please contact us directly with questions or to schedule an appointment – we have skilled clinicians offering a variety of hands-on services, along with flexible scheduling, and in most cases there’s no physician referral needed for PT!

Want to work for a Top Workplace in Connecticut and a Top Workplace USA? PTSMC is hiring for positions at all levels across the state, including Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, PT Aides, Administrative positions, Athletic Trainers, front desk staff and Patient Services. Click here to see a full list of open positions.

Physical Therapy Services Offered

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Excellent5.0 Based on 81 reviews from review us onRebecca GilbertRebecca Gilbert ★★★★★ Friendly, flexible and affordable physical therapy in comfortable environment. Many therapists and many appointments available all hours of the day.Maribel WynnMaribel Wynn ★★★★★ Made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.Krishna GuptaKrishna Gupta ★★★★★ Physical Therapist Amanda is excellent. She knows exactly what needs to be done and takes full interest in getting it completed. She is very sincere.I have been recovering very well.vent riclevent ricle ★★★★★ I found the therapists, assistants and office staff to be very helpful and the office upbeat and positive. My physical therapist listened to me and devised plan to help me recover from my knee injury.Ken WendtKen Wendt ★★★★★ Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Mdtn has greatly improved my shoulder issue. I chose to correct my ailment, rather than ignore it, which is important for all ages, not just older adults.Peter McnicklePeter Mcnickle ★★★★★ This was the third physical therapy center I’ve been to throughout my life and by far my absolute favorite I’ve ever been lucky enough to find. The staff is all so welcoming and amazing, they know exactly what they’re doing and help you smile while they’re doing it. I owe the immense success of my recovery, both mentally and physically, to this center.Michael Armstrong-RocheMichael Armstrong-Roche ★★★★★ I was referred to PTSMC of Middletown by my doctor's office because of a recurring pain in my knee. Because arthritis (even osteoarthritis) runs in my family, I and the RN who'd seen me thought it might have to do with arthritis even though the symptoms didn't jibe (the pain was only occasional and mainly associated with a first step down stairs and would disappear after several steps and in particular after long walks) and the x-rays of my knees showed evidence of only mild arthritis. I explain this because Robert Bass, of PTSMC, after carefully listening to my tale and briefly testing my knees and legs, almost immediately came up with a very different and more persuasive diagnosis: slight misalignment of the kneecap (especially in the right leg), probably caused by weakening and tightening of the smaller muscles lining both sides of the upper and lower legs. After just that first session (including targeted exercises and massage), the pain disappeared for two days. I've been doing exercises since to reactivate and strengthen muscles that normally aren't worked out even in heavy lifting gym routines. I've also been meeting weekly for the targeted massage, additional daily exercises, and monitoring. Robert is a talker in the best possible sense: he explains things very well (including the predictable initial relapse into greater pain as the muscles adapted), listens equally well, knows his anatomy and physiology, is always fully engaged, alert, warm, and good-humored. The place is bright and attractive, blissfully free of the blaring tv screens and strident club music that afflicts too many hospital waiting rooms these days. Just the sound of human voices happily engaged in healing. Patients fit every kind of description. This is a practice for everyone. I've found the entire staff helpful, courteous, and warm and there's an evident esprit de corps that makes it a genuine pleasure to spend time there. It's wonderful to see how Middletown is attracting excellence across so many domains.Mister BalsaMister Balsa ★★★★★ Very happy with the care at PTSMC. Rob is an excellent PT and the team doesn't book too many patients at once, as a past practice I used for another issue. Thanks!Christina EngelsgaardChristina Engelsgaard ★★★★★ I have had the best medical care experience and outcome during my sixty-two years at PTSMC. I scheduled a few trial appointments at PTSMC because one of my friends suggested that I would get better results with a PT who is also trained in sports medicine. I had ruptured two spinal discs (L5 and S1) in an accident. I walked into PTSMC in a lot of pain and low expectations due to past ineffectual treatment at other PT facilities. Michael Antunes, the co-owner of PTSMC, evaluated my injury during my first session through closely listening to me describe the symptoms of injury and observation of my movements to design an individual plan of treatment. The speed of my recovery was amazing.I had a very progressive recovery because each day of treatment Michael asked about the current state of my injury. Each day was redesigned for improvement. Before I began stretching, Michael massaged my back to loosen the tightness in the muscles that contributed to my nerve pain. In addition to having a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Michael also has an advanced certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. His hand-applied physical therapy included acupressure in addition to dry point needling to relax the surface and deep muscle. I felt less and less pain with this type of treatment. Of course, sticking to my exercises daily was necessary for recovery. Unlike other exercise plans I had been given in the past, Michael designed a routine that was effective not only for recovery but also time management.One day, I told Michael that I was walking well but my sense of balance was off. He said, “we are doing to do balancing exercises because your nerves needed to retrained.” I was very happy that my PT with Michael included the balance exercise and did not end with stretching and strength building. The balance exercises gave me confidence to return to outdoor activities. With two and a half months of PT, I was able to sleep again without pain, my right leg no longer collapsed due to the lack of nerve signaling, and I was able to return to hiking and gardening.The atmosphere at PTSMC exudes kindness and upbeat encouragement. I looked forward to each of my sessions not only because of the progress I made under Michael’s guidance, but it just felt fun and energetic to be there. It was obvious to me that all of the therapist at PTSMC also excelled with each of their patients. As a former educator, I appreciated Michael’s mentoring of interns who are currently studying to become therapist. For the best possible recovery, I can’t recommend PTSMC highly enough.Theresa CapozzielloTheresa Capozziello ★★★★★ excellent careKim & Holly Modlesky-BehmKim & Holly Modlesky-Behm ★★★★★ Wowwww they all all so great with getting me back to my original place with my shoulder replacementErin SemberErin Sember ★★★★★ This place saved me! I was at Middlesex hospital pt for a year. A year! And zero results. After one session with Heather here at physical therapy and sports medicine I noticed improvement. I can't recommend this place enough!Terry BallettoTerry Balletto ★★★★★ Everyone knows how miserable it is to be in pain. When I first walked in to PTSMC with very bad sciatica, I could barely walk and was determined to work with Mike to get rid that pain and nerve numbness. By the end of the first month I felt 80 % relief and several weeks later, every issue associated with my sciatica was virtually gone. Mike used heat treatments, massage and exercises to do everything he could to help me. His personal attention was invaluable and more appreciated than I can say. Thank you, Mike, and you team for being there for me.Charlie KnappCharlie Knapp ★★★★★ After having knee surgery in April I moved to Connecticut for school and started at PTSMC Middletown with Mike in September. He and the rest of the staff did a great job getting me back to full health and cleared to play sports. They are very friendly and I would 100% recommend PTSMC Middletown to anyone looking for physical therapy.Thomas CaseyThomas Casey ★★★★★ Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers of Middletown was recommended to me by the home therapist assigned to me post surgery for my partial knee replacement. When I got there I said I wanted to be pushed to get the best results possible. The therapists did what I asked and while I expect to continue to improve, I am 95% better just 2 months after my surgery. They have done a great job helping me to achieve my goals.Frank Scirpo (Owner and Lead Instructor)Frank Scirpo (Owner and Lead Instructor) ★★★★★ PTSMC middletown is the best physical therapy center I have used so far, and I have used a couple. Everyone is genuinely friendly. Staff are very approachable and listen to you and engage in a dialogue about your treatment. I completely without reservation recommend PTSMC Middletown.james cartajames carta ★★★★★ I had rotator cuff surgery at the beginning of January due to a significant tear. Mike and his team have proven to be skilled, professional and personable. I am amazed at my progress and highly recommend Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.Leo SemanLeo Seman ★★★★★ Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend to a family, friend, or anyone else. It feels they have a goal of getting your back to 100% as quick as possible without skipping any steps. And most of all, my knee is feeling back to normal!Maria PuorroMaria Puorro ★★★★★ Mike is the best, he worked wonders for me! The whole team is kind and friendly and the office has a great atmosphere! If you want to feel better and have fun while doing it, I highly recommend coming here.Margo Chase-WellsMargo Chase-Wells ★★★★★ I’ve been to many many physical therapists in my sports career, and I have never found anyone I liked as much as Rob. I know the other therapists are good there, but his compassion level is through the roof, which is what a 70 year old athlete with bilateral TKR needs! Their system works like clockwork with a tech taking care of your warm up heat and ice at the end, while Rob’s calming voice, encouragement, and wonderfully distracting explanations do the trick.Five stars all around.js_loader

Why choose PTSMC?

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers has achieved a reputation as a leader in healthcare in Connecticut, improving the quality of life for our patients, returning them to work, athletics and the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to pain injury or surgery.

PTSMC offers physical therapy services specializing in musculoskeletal, orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Our physical therapists focus on the individual needs of each patient and develop customized, tailored treatment programs that are the safest, most efficient routes to fast recovery.

physical therapy examples

1-on-1 assessments, hands-on care, cutting-edge techniques.

All PTSMC clinicians provide hands-on care to their patients. Listening and careful evaluation of each patient’s needs are vital to our patient-centered care model. Spending time with patients throughout the cycle of care, from initial evaluation to discharge, ensures complete satisfaction and successful out­comes. Patient education about injury, treatment and recovery is valued and stressed throughout the rehabilitation. PTSMC clinicians use a combination of expert hands-on care with cutting-edge techniques and equipment to provide world-class treatment to each patient based on their individual deficits, needs and goals.

What do we treat?

Physical therapy is not just an effective way to rehab severe injury or immobility – it’s the go-to healthcare option for anyone dealing with sudden or recurring muscle or joint pain. This includes people of all ages and abilities with sports injuries, back or neck pain, vertigo or balance issues, TMJ jaw pain and headaches, arthritis, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, pre and post-natal issues, post-operative needs, fitness needs, or simply muscle or joint pain that keeps you up all night or keeps you from doing what you love during the day.


With CT’s “Direct Access” laws, most individuals can see a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. This means you can save time and money by skipping the physician and instead scheduling an appointment with the muscle and joint experts who can assess your issue, identify the root cause of the pain, and create a customized program to get you moving and feeling good again.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment at a PTSMC or PT For Life clinic, please submit your information below. A Patient Service Coordinator will contact you at your earliest convenience to find a time that works best for you!