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Physical Therapy Without A Referral

Did you know you can go to Physical Therapy without a Referral?

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In some cases you do not need a referral from your MD for physical therapy. Connecticut law indicates you can be seen by a physical therapist without being referred by your primary care physician. This is known as Direct Access or a self-referral. In most cases, a patient can refer themselves directly to physical therapy for treatment.

Why Does This Matter?

  • Feel Better: When you are in pain or discomfort, PTSMC physical therapists can evaluate you quickly!  In many cases they can see you within a day or two of your request for an evaluation, and begin treatment immediately.
  • Save Time: Experiencing pain in your heel after running, or shoulder pain after pickleball? Take a direct route to resolve your pain fast, and head straight to physical therapy.
  • Save Money: Physical therapy can help reduce and heal your pain before it turns into a long-term and expensive problem. When you see a physical therapist first, you are saving the cost of other provider visits. If it is recommended to see an MD or other health care provider first, your physical therapist will let you know.

How Does Direct Access Work?

As a self-referral, call one of our clinics directly or request an appointment through our website and indicate you are a self-referral patient. Our front desk staff will answer any questions you have about insurance before your treatment begins.

Are There Exclusions?

There are some exclusions to the Direct Access law, which means certain instances will require a doctors referral before starting physical therapy. Those are:

  1. Workers’ compensation
  2. Medicare, Medicaid, and ConnectiCare insurance plans

Don’t worry, the clinic Patient Service Coordinator will review your insurance and advise if a referral is needed before your treatment begins.

Why Choose Physical Therapy First

Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts and many hold their doctorate in physical therapy! Their goal is to restore function and movement before an injury occurs or worsens, as well as help you return to your prior activity level after an injury or surgery. At PTSMC, our therapists listen and are actively engaged with you, allowing them to create a personalized plan based on need. With Direct Access, you can start your recovery plan faster and begin the road to healing.

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