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A Focus on Development

In this ever-changing field, PTSMC values the advancement of knowledge and skills to ensure patients receive the best and most current care available. Both in-house education programs and financial support for employees to seek external educational opportunities are afforded to PTSMC clinical staff. PTSMC has supported several staff in achieving advanced degrees and certifications.

Commitment to Clinical Excellence

We take pride in the second tenet of our mission statement to be clinically excellent. Our clinicians are committed to delivering exceptional quality care, and believe that clinical excellence is a commitment to life-long learning. Education, evidence, technology and techniques will continue to evolve. As an organization and as clinicians, PTSMC accepts and embraces this evolution through our Clinical Excellence Program.

Three Components of Clinical Excellence

The program is developed to ensure clinicians receive the appropriate training and assistance to grow personally and professionally as PTSMC employees.  The program comprises three components:

1. Development of Clinical Success (DOCS)
2. External Continuing Education
3. Accredited Orthopaedic Residency

External Education Opportunities

PTSMC financially supports clinicians for their continuing education requirements and pursuit of clinical interests and specialization. We also host PTSMC-sponsored courses, in which experts are brought in-house at negotiated rates to provide clinicians with easier access to areas of interest.

PTSMC Guilford mentorship

Internal Education Opportunities

Clinicians in the DOCS program will attend 7 courses. Though a requirement for clinicians in the DOCS Program, these courses are also open to all PTSMC clinicians. The courses are taught in-house by highly experienced and credentialed PTSMC clinicians.

Coursework includes:

  • Cervicothoracic
  • Upper Extremity
  • Lower Extremity
  • Introduction to the Assessment & Treatment of the Concussion Patient
  • Lumbar
  • Return to Sport
  • TNE: Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

Clinical Mentorship

Similar to physical therapy fellowship and residency programs, clinicians in the DOCS Program receive mentorship support from our experienced physical therapists. Completion of 6 one-on-one mentoring sessions occurs in the first year of the DOCS Program, with the opportunity to continue mentorship for up to 12 sessions.

The mentorship support helps clinicians with their clinical reasoning process, improves clinical pattern recognition and allows clinicians to become more confident, efficient and effective faster than clinicians who have not received this training. Additionally, supplemental to the program, clinicians participate in a monthly case discussion and journal club.

PTSMC Leadership & Management Development Program (LMDP) group photo of participants who started in 2024

Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP)

PTSMC believes in growing from within; particularly in leadership opportunities.  We commit time and resources to interested and qualified employees to train in and develop leadership skills and business acumen. Our Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP) covers such topics as understanding financial reports, clinic operations, management, and employee development. Select individuals that have aspirations for clinic ownership or a formal leadership role are chosen to participate in this program.

Following the year-long clinical residency, Residents participate in the LMDP to develop skills and train future clinic Partners, Directors and leaders in the business of physical therapy.

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