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PTSMC Avon Travis Lytle physical therapist

Skilled Clinicians

PTSMC Physical Therapists are highly educated and skilled clinicians trained to evaluate and diagnose utilizing a multitude of research-based manual tests. With your physician’s diagnosis and our initial evaluation, a customized specific treatment plan will be created to help you return to sports, work or other daily activities.

PTSMC Wallingford physical therapy

Injury Assessment

If you have had a recent injury, or history of muscle or joint pain, a free injury assessment may help you.  Our clinicians will perform a physical evaluation and provide advice on the next steps you should take towards your recovery.

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Patient Education

Patient education is important to us because we believe that you should understand your diagnosis and what your recovery involves.  Along with the evaluation process, we will educate you on your specific diagnosis and explain what self-care techniques and home exercises will be important to maximize your rehabilitation.

PTSMC no referral needed

Head Straight to PT

With DIRECT ACCESS laws in Connecticut, many insurances allow our Physical Therapists to treat your injuries without a script or doctors referral.  To find out more call us and one of our PTSMC staff will coordinate with your physician and insurance company to quickly get you on the road to recovery!

Treat your low back pain

Jeff Daley, PT, DPT from PTSMC New London explains what may be causing your low back pain, how a physical therapist may diagnose the problem, and how physical therapy can help alleviate pain and even avoid future injury.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Many people have never heard of Trigger Point Dry Needling, and those who have often think it’s a form of acupuncture or are too scared of the word “needle” to try it out for themselves, but it can be an effective method for treating muscle pain, and the best part is that it’s medically sound and virtually pain-free! Here, PTSMC Groton Partner & Director Steven DeCastro provides a Dry Needling session for a new patient experiencing neck and shoulder pain.
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