Concussion Treatment

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is defined as a head injury that causes a change in the normal function of the brain. Concussions do not cause structural damage that is visible on a CT scan or MRI, but they do cause metabolic changes that result in a wide variety of symptoms.

Causes of Concussion

  • Direct blow to the head
  • Strong impact to the body that translates a force to the head and neck
  • Fall or other injury that jars or shakes the brain

Symptoms of Concussion

  • Loss of consciousness, even if brief
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting or seizures
  • Feeling dazed and/or confused, unable to follow instructions
  • Fatigue and/or trouble sleeping
  • Dizziness, blurry vision or double vision
  • Difficulty with balance

Physical Therapy Treatment for Concussions

Your physical therapist will often work directly with your doctor to create a customized program that addresses your individual needs. This includes manual treatment, exercises, evaluation and education to help:

  • Restore balance and proper coordination of movement
  • Assess and treat dizziness
  • Learn about symptoms and needs
  • Assess causes and provide treatment for recurring headaches and other symptoms
  • Establish a timeline and guidelines for safe return to regular activity

WATCH: Athletic Trainer Caty Halpin explains how concussions are evaluated and treated

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