at PTSMC Treatment No Physician Referral Needed! Thanks to CT's Direct Access Law, in most cases you can schedule a physical therapy appointment without a prescription. Don't wait - make an appointment today! Make An Appointment Most insurances accepted.
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The PTSMC Difference

Skilled Clinicians

PTSMC and PT For Life Physical Therapists are highly educated and skilled clinicians trained to evaluate and diagnose using a broad range of research-based manual tests. We encourage all of our clinicians to constantly look for ways to improve and stay at the front line of the physical therapy field, whether through the pursuit of additional certifications, education opportunities, club memberships, professional development, seminars or group learning activities. With your physician’s diagnosis, our expertise and a comprehensive initial evaluation, a custom treatment plan will be tailor-made to help you return to sports, work or other daily activities.

PTSMC Wallingford physical therapy

Comprehensive Injury Assessment

If you have had a recent injury, or you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain, an injury assessment is the best first step towards recovery and living pain-free. Our expert clinicians will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation at your initial visit and provide advice on the next steps you should take towards your recovery. Unlike many other clinics, we dedicate a full hour to this initial evaluation in order to learn your history, talk about your problem, explore potential causes, perform movement assessments and identify problem areas with as much information as possible before recommending a physical therapy program. We are here to help you with a customized PT treatment program only if it’s necessary.

Patient Education

Patient education is a vital part of your physical therapy experience because we believe you should understand your diagnosis, know why we’ve built your treatment program a certain way, and be able to set attainable goals. Along with the evaluation process, we will educate you on the causes of your pain and explain what types of self-care techniques and home exercises will be important to maximize your rehabilitation and keep you moving pain free once your PT is completed.

PTSMC no referral needed

Head Straight to PT

With DIRECT ACCESS laws in Connecticut, most insurances allow you to schedule an evaluation with a PT and start a physical therapy program without a script or doctor’s referral. By heading straight to the body experts, you can save time and money, identify the root cause of your pain and get on the path to recovery. To find out more, call us or contact us through our online form and one of our PTSMC staff members will coordinate with your physician and insurance company to get you started!

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Nick Almonte, PT, DPT, OCS, Partner & Director at PTSMC Shelton, gives an introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Therapy – an innovative new approach to strength and rehab for individuals who, due to physical limitations or injury, are unable to lift heavy weights.

PT for Jaw Pain

It’s true, Physical Therapy can help treat jaw pain and associated symptoms like headaches, neck pain, and pain behind the eyes. In this video, Megan Blanusa, PT, DPT from PTSMC Naugatuck, explains the causes of jaw pain from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and how PT can help.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Many people have never heard of Trigger Point Dry Needling, and those who have often think it’s a form of acupuncture or are too scared of the word “needle” to try it out for themselves, but it can be an effective method for treating muscle pain, and the best part is that it’s medically sound and virtually pain-free! Here, PTSMC Groton Partner & Director Steven DeCastro provides a Dry Needling session for a new patient experiencing neck and shoulder pain.
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