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PTSMC’s Employer Services

Employer Services offers expert consultation aimed at advising you and your employees on the most effective ways to prevent and treat injury in the workplace.

Injuries are a concern for any business.

Injuries to employees are sometimes inevitable, but often avoidable. They can cause pain and suffering for your workers and can also be a significant expense effecting your bottom-line. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to be proactive in injury prevention, which can create a healthier, safer work environment while saving you money in the cost of treatment and rehabilitation.

The goal of PTSMC’s Employer Services is to help you prevent and treat injuries, resulting in:

  • Healthier Workplace

  • Fewer Missed Workdays

  • Fewer Recordable Injuries

  • Significant Cost Savings

Consultation Services:

Ergonomics Analysis

Athletic trainers assess and train your employees on proper workstation set up and posture.

  • Analysis for safer, more comfortable workspaces
  • Tips to prevent employee discomfort and injury
  • Tips to avoid/correct hazards in the workplace
  • Employee training on biomechanics (proper posture & movement)

On-site Treatment

Address injuries before they become OSHA recordable with an on-site healthcare professional ready to provide an evaluation and initial treatment measures.

  • Treat minor injuries before they become major problems
  • Provide fast on-site care for better employee safety
  • Potentially save $5,000+ per recordable injury
  • Increase productivity by keeping employees healthy

Job Stressor Analysis

On-site evaluations of essential job demands to determine root causes of work-related injuries, including full summary and report.

  • Expert analysis on causes of work-related injury
  • Prevent recurring employee aches and injuries
  • Receive a full stressor report with corrective suggestions

Employee Conditioning Program

Customized group and individual stretching and strengthening programs led by professionals focused on injury prevention.

  • Custom stretching/strengthening programs tailored to your industry demands
  • Employee training in nutrition and posture
  • Expert-led sessions focused on injury prevention
  • Tips for avoiding common aches and pain

Statistics on the cost savings of workplace safety

PTSMC ROI of Employer Services

Return on Investment statistics from Safety and Health Magazine

Additional facts about workplace safety

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