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PTSMC Groton is 5-star rated Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers Groton is conveniently located right near the I-95 Highway in Groton, Connecticut. We are committed to providing the very best physical therapy care in Groton and beyond. We accept most insurances. For a full list of accepted insurances click herePlease contact us directly with questions or to schedule an appointment – we have skilled clinicians offering a variety of hands-on services, along with flexible scheduling, and in most cases there’s no physician referral needed for PT!

Want to work for a Top Workplace in Connecticut and a Top Workplace USA? PTSMC is hiring for positions at all levels across the state, including Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, PT Aides, Administrative positions, Athletic Trainers, front desk staff and Patient Services. Click here to see a full list of open positions.

Physical Therapy Services Offered

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Excellent5.0 Based on 83 reviews from review us onShawn DayShawn Day ★★★★★ What a great crew. Wonderful atmosphere. They support the VA. THANK YOU!None NoneNone None ★★★★★ Having needed Physical therapy after a hip replacement, (my second) I can say unequivocally it is the best Physical therapy I’ve ever had. The staff is very kind and patient. They explain everything in detail and why the exercise they’re giving you is the best one ,they’re always on time for your appointment. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of physical therapy postoperatively, or. Sports relatedDenniz SternDenniz Stern ★★★★★ The business is clean and well organized. The front end staff are so friendly and helpful. They are a true pleasure to deal with. When it comes time for your treatment PT assistant comes to greet you in the waiting area, walks you to your first machine and your session begins. Very nice touch. Once in the Physical therapy area you find that you are very good hands. Assistants guide you through your routine and once completed set you up for treatment with the doctor.Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. Very nice place, you shouldn't be disappointed.Nick PerezNick Perez ★★★★★ Hello,when I needed Therapy for my right knee, This was the only place that took me on their next appointment ASAP, and its close to my work and home. the staff is helpful and very nice. I am seeing them again for my other knee after surgery.Bill SilvanicBill Silvanic ★★★★★ The entire staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.Bill DuttonBill Dutton ★★★★★ They provide a professional, friendly, and relaxing environment. They are fully trained to help you recover from your injuries. They discovered reasons, that I was unaware of, for my own injuries.Linda BlumLinda Blum ★★★★★ I've been to several physical therapists over the years. The people here have a genuine interest in working with me to improve my pain. The facility is very clean and everyone is very nice and helpful.Larry & Evalynn RichmondLarry & Evalynn Richmond ★★★★★ The PT has been great. Highly recommendedBradley JohnstonBradley Johnston ★★★★★ Best of the 5 Phys Therapists I have had. Wonderful people.Emily HamadyEmily Hamady ★★★★★ Best staff, always happy to be there, helped me rehab after knee surgerydonna smartdonna smart ★★★★★ Everyone here is absolutely amazing, very friendly, and professional. Miranda helped my teenager out a lot with her physicaltherapy, and I'd have to bring my 1 1/2 year old with us sometimes, and all of the staff welcomed my baby and even helpes kept her intertained sometimes when she was fussy!! Beautiful people all around 🙂Kelly LambKelly Lamb ★★★★★ Cares about you as a person- important to me!Jeff RoseJeff Rose ★★★★★ I am retired and play pickleball. Two or three months ago I injured my back. I tried rest, stretching and nothing worked. At any point in time while playing my back would hurt and I couldn’t continue. My opponents and partners were asking me if I was ok and hitting the ball softly to me. I finally went to my PCP who after an exam recommended PT. I went to the Groton facility because it was closest to my house. The facility is clean well organized and the staff pleasant. My therapist Miranda was wonderful. She listened to my description of my injury and all my previous injuries which had an impact an my ability to do exercises. She developed a series of exercises both stretching and strengthening (started stretching and adding strengthening over time) . She took the time to explain each exercise (sometimes several times). (Senior moments). To my own credit I also worked diligently at home which is an important part of the therapy.Bottom line after almost two months of PT I was able to play pickleball for three hours yesterday pain free. So thank you Miranda for giving me my life back. When I finished my sessions they told me they hope they never see me again😂 and I hope they are correct, but if the need arises I wouldn’t hesitate to return.Stephen HarveyStephen Harvey ★★★★★ Sam and the whole staff is great and extremely knowledgeable and professional! Sam has really helped in my recovery and has given me the tools to continue to get better even after pt is done.Kieran BradleyKieran Bradley ★★★★★ Great exercises and I had a great experience. i highly recommendCatherine J. MarshallCatherine J. Marshall ★★★★★ I have been very happy with the physical therapy that I have received here. I broke my shoulder on October 2nd and was in a sling through November 9. I started PT on November 11 and have made very significant progress, for which I am very appreciative. Highly recommended!Michael WeilMichael Weil ★★★★★ Highly recommend PTMSC. Great practitioners who greatly helped in my recovery from a broken leg with a bespoke program tailored to my needs.Courtney MooreCourtney Moore ★★★★★ Everyone at PTSMC - Groton is helpful and encouraging. I feel very good about my mobility progress working with Miranda.Cary CarrollCary Carroll ★★★★★ Fantastic Physical Therapy team that focused on my specific problem. Easy to schedule and readily available for unscheduled appointments.Cheryl BiekertCheryl Biekert ★★★★★ My experience at PTSM-Groton can only be rated with 5 stars! The treatment care plan that I have received has been superior and includes a combination of hands on physical therapy and an exercise program which has become more appropriately more challenging as my condition has improved. My pain has significantly decreased and I've become stronger. My PTA (Iris) truly listens to my concerns and she's been so responsive! Steve (PT) is so knowledgeable and so personable. You're defnitely not a number at PTSM-Groton you're a patient who is valued!js_loader

Patient Success: Jeremy K

Jeremy suffered a severe ACL injury that kept him out of work. Hear how the team at PTSMC Groton helped him get back on his feet and back to work!

Why choose PTSMC?

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers has achieved a reputation as a leader in healthcare in Connecticut, improving the quality of life for our patients, returning them to work, athletics and the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to pain injury or surgery.

PTSMC offers physical therapy services specializing in musculoskeletal, orthopedic and sports-related injuries. Our physical therapists focus on the individual needs of each patient and develop customized, tailored treatment programs that are the safest, most efficient routes to fast recovery.

1-on-1 assessments, hands-on care, cutting-edge techniques.

All PTSMC clinicians provide hands-on care to their patients. Listening and careful evaluation of each patient’s needs are vital to our patient-centered care model. Spending time with patients throughout the cycle of care, from initial evaluation to discharge, ensures complete satisfaction and successful out­comes. Patient education about injury, treatment and recovery is valued and stressed throughout the rehabilitation. PTSMC clinicians use a combination of expert hands-on care with cutting-edge techniques and equipment to provide world-class treatment to each patient based on their individual deficits, needs and goals.

What do we treat?

Physical therapy is not just an effective way to rehab severe injury or immobility – it’s the go-to healthcare option for anyone dealing with sudden or recurring muscle or joint pain. This includes people of all ages and abilities with sports injuries, back or neck pain, vertigo or balance issues, TMJ jaw pain and headaches, arthritis, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, pre and post-natal issues, post-operative needs, fitness needs, or simply muscle or joint pain that keeps you up all night or keeps you from doing what you love during the day.


With CT’s “Direct Access” laws, most individuals can see a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral. This means you can save time and money by skipping the physician and instead scheduling an appointment with the muscle and joint experts who can assess your issue, identify the root cause of the pain, and create a customized program to get you moving and feeling good again.

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