Manual Physical Therapy

What is Manual Therapy?

While each individual patient will require personalized physical therapy treatment, PTSMC is proud to offer manual therapy to all of our patients. Manual physical therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy delivered specifically with the physical therapists’ hands to effectively assess, manipulate and treat pain and injury. Encompassing a broad group of techniques performed by trained physical therapists, manual therapy treatments may include moving the joints in specific directions to regain movement (joint mobilizations), muscle stretching, passive movements and movements designed to improve muscle activation. Specific soft tissue techniques are also used to improve the mobility and functioning of tissues, nerves, and muscles.

PTSMC Wallingford physical therapy

A focus on hands-on treatment

All PTSMC clinicians provide hands-on care to their patients. Listening and careful evaluation of each patient’s needs are paramount in our patient-centered care model. Beyond serving as one of the most effective physical therapy practices, manual therapy allows your physical therapist to become much more familiar with your injuries in order to properly diagnose the problem and create the most effective treatment plan. Spending time with patients throughout the cycle of care, from initial evaluation to discharge, ensures complete satisfaction and successful out­comes. Patient education about injury, treatment and recovery is valued and stressed throughout the rehabilitation.

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