Waterbury, Connecticut

1211 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone: (203) 753-6043
Fax: (203) 574-3127


Most insurances accepted, click for more information. 

PTSMC Waterbury is 5-star rated Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers Waterbury is located right on West Main Street in Waterbury, Connecticut. We are committed to providing the very best physical therapy care in Waterbury and beyond. We accept most insurances. For a full list of accepted insurances click here. Please contact us directly with questions or to schedule an appointment – we have skilled clinicians offering a variety of hands-on services, along with flexible scheduling, and in most cases there’s no physician referral needed for PT!

Physical Therapy Services Offered

We specialize in treatments of:


Erin Walsh



Joanna Fisher


Kathryn Flodquist

PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Joe Mabry


Rebecca Petrosino


Erik Lanese


I had a wonderful experience the staff and therapist are very nice, they help their patient through their healing process.
Emily Falco
Emily Falco
13:50 18 Dec 17
Knowledgeable staff. Great service. Would highly recommend!!
Brian H
Brian H
14:58 24 Aug 17
PTSM help me with my back injury causing potential sciatic nerve issues causing knee and other associated pain.
Shashi Tirumali
Shashi Tirumali
01:49 06 Nov 17
18:22 20 Jun 17
The staff at PTSMC were very professional and helpful. They are very dedicated to assuring that you get the best treatment. I had some neck and back pain from a car accident and the treatment that I received really helped to alleviate the pain. If anyone is looking for a center with dedicated and professional staff, I would definitely recommend going to PTSMC.
Keisha Miller
Keisha Miller
15:51 03 Feb 17
I recently went for physical therapy at PTSMC Waterbury. The staff was professional and welcoming. The facilities were complete. The person who worked with me for my sessions was knowledgeable and empathetic, and above all, focused on my needs. I highly recommend PTSMC Waterbury.
Joel Garsten
Joel Garsten
23:35 02 May 18
Thank goodness for places like this the staff at this facility are very knowledgeable and caring
bill sherwood
bill sherwood
23:09 29 Jul 18
I started going to PTSM about 2 months ago. I see Erin who is extremely knowledgeable, patient with me and truly listens to what I am feeling to find the best solution. In the 2 months that I've been seeing Erin I've seen more progress in my neck condition then I did going to a Chiropractor for 2 years!!! Erin takes her time and educates me, I dont feel as though I'm one of 40 patients walking in and out of the office as I felt seeing a chiropractor. She gives me her full attention for 45-50 minutes which is comforting. The staff at the Waterbury location are very friendly, always willing to help and make last minute changes should you need to. The feedback I would give this office from my perspective (I provide a service to my customers daily and my career is all about the customer experience) would be: 1. Reminders of appointments should be automatic. As a patient I dont feel I should have to ask if I can be reminded of my appointment. That's what sets one office apart from another is the customer experience. 2. The office has an open floor plan in a smaller space so you can hear everything. This should put the staff on high alert that everything they say is being heard and most likely judged. 3. This would be icing on the cake and really set them apart if when a new appointment is made with a new patient, understanding the therapist's bio's are on the website, would be going the extra mile if reception gives a brief description of who the patient is seeing for their 1st appointment and a little about them. Versus, this is who you're seeing, go online and read their bio. Overall, I enjoy going there, I truly reccomend Erin and the staff. The place is clean, colorful, vibrant and outgoing. Exactly where you'd rather be during a time of discomfort and pain.
Sonya Tkacs
Sonya Tkacs
10:38 07 Aug 18

WATCH: PTSMC Waterbury Partner & Director Erin Walsh on how to properly stretch after a run to avoid injury

Erin Walsh, PT, DPT, MSPT, Partner and Director of PTSMC’s Waterbury clinic, demonstrates how to properly stretch your legs after a long run to help you prevent injuries and relieve sore and tight muscles.

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