Rehab for the MACI Procedure


Using your own cells to repair knee injuries – sounds like science fiction, right?

Millions of Americans live with knee pain due to cartilage damage – whether from an injury or overuse. Unfortunately, cartilage doesn’t heal on its own, and while there are treatments and procedures that can help reduce symptoms, there are few that repair cartilage to restore your knee function long-term. The innovative MACI Knee Cartilage Treatment does that by using your own cells to create durable repair tissue for knee cartilage damage, which can reduce pain, improve function and provide lasting results.

As part of our ongoing efforts to bring the most up-to-date and effective treatments to our patients, PTSMC and PT For Life clinics are proud to offer MACI-certified rehab for patients who undergo the MACI procedure at a number of our clinics around the state. See the full list of clinics offering this specialized rehab, and learn the science of how this approach works, in the infographic below.

You can learn more about the MACI procedure, as well as facilities offering it in CT, here:

MACI certified rehab social graphic
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