Trigger Point Dry Needling


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Dry Needling is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. This manual technique involves the insertion of a sterile monofilament needle into a muscle to decrease spasm and trigger point activity. As a result, the muscles contract and release, which helps resolve pain and stiffness, improve muscle function and flexibility and promote healing.

Benefits of Dry Needling:

  • Lasting muscle pain relief
  • Release tight muscles
  • Prevent injuries
  • Heal injuries from overuse
  • Decrease tension
  • Recover faster
PTSMC treatment, Neck pain

WATCH: A patient’s first dry needling experience.

PTSMC Groton Partner & Director Steven DeCastro provides a Dry Needling session for a new patient experiencing neck and shoulder pain.

FAQs about Trigger Point Dry Needling

Does it hurt?

People often don’t feel the needles going in, but they sometimes feel an ache or cramp when the muscle releases.

What is a "monofilament needle?"

Monofilament needles are incredibly thin needles that can be inserted into the skin and muscle with little to no pain. They are very different from needles used for shots – much thinner and never used for injections.

What does dry needling actually do?

When the needle is inserted through the skin and into the muscle, the muscles releases painful myofascial trigger points. Dry needling results in the deepest tissue release, allowing for improvements in movement and relief from pain.

Is it the same as acupuncture?

No, Trigger Point Dry Needling is based on Western medical research and principles, whereas acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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