PTSMC Patient Success: Physical Therapy Plays Volleyball Thanks to Physical Therapy

Theresa tells her story of PT success at PTSMC Groton, where she and PT Lauren Peladeau set goals and worked together to help her move pain-free again.

“I walked into Groton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine two weeks after extensive shoulder surgery. I was completely deflated, exhausted, uncomfortable and definitely looked as terrible as I felt. Shoulder surgery had gotten the best of me…or so I thought. During my first appointment, one of the questions Lauren asked was what was my goal for PT. My answer, to be able to play volleyball again, pain-free.
Over the next 9 months, Lauren and the PTSMC team worked with me to gain mobility and strength in my shoulder. We set realistic expectations and had honest conversations about my recovery and what to expect as the months went on. My goal of playing volleyball were always kept in mind as we moved along through various strengthening and mobility exercises.
The Groton PTSMC crew is extremely knowledgeable and have been amazing to work with. I have come a long way since that first appointment nine months ago and I can’t wait to get back on the volleyball court this year. Thank you, Lauren and the PTSMC team, for helping me reach my goals!”
Theresa, who’s been working with PT Lauren Peladeau in our Groton clinic, shared her success story and we couldn’t be happier for her. Setting goals, having honest dialogue with your PT, coming to the clinic with a positive attitude and working hard as a team are often the ingredients for success in physical therapy. Cheers to Theresa on her progress, and good luck to her as she gets back on the volleyball court!