If The Shoe Fits: Proper Footwear for Your Active Life

Whether you are a seasoned runner or picking up the sport for the first time, lacing up with the best running shoe for your feet is crucial to starting off on the right foot. Here are five tips to keep in mind when making your selection:

  1. Make sure the shoe fits – This may seem obvious, but some runners don’t know how to tell if their shoes fit properly. You should be able to fit a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoes while standing. To find the correct width, make sure your entire foot stays within the insole. If the shoe’s insole comes out, taking it out and standing on it will help you decide.
  2. Don’t shop in the morning – When you run, your feet swell. They also swell throughout the day, so trying on shoes at the end of the day will let you know how the shoe will fit a few miles into your run.
  3. Shop at smaller shoe stores – These stores tend to have a well-trained staff that can analyze your gait and make suggestions based on how you run. Big-box retailers are less likely to offer this level of expertise.
  4. Take’em for a test run – Ask the store if you can take them outside for a quick run in the parking lot. Bigger stores probably won’t let you, but the smaller stores will. If the shoes are not comfortable after a quick run, then you know to try something different.
  5. Buy running shoes often – Determining if you need new sneakers is generally based on the amount of miles you have run in them. There are differing opinions on the number of miles your shoes become maxed out on, but generally speaking, after 500 miles it is time for a new pair.

If you’re having trouble recovering from an injury and looking to get back on your feet, you can schedule an appointment here, often with no referral needed from an physician.