Informed decision making when it comes to Physical Therapy

PTSMC Plainville, physical therapy

It’s no surprise that nearly no one has a phone book or a map in their car anymore. The reason for this is that we live in a world that revolves around technology that is at our fingertips. We simply do not need those items anymore. Because of this, some have said that we’ve become an impatient population….and they just might be right.

Speaking of patients (a group that is near and dear to our hearts), people seeking care often turn to the Internet or apps on various mobile devices that point you in the direction of high-quality care. We have become informed consumers and rightfully so. We all deserve the best care possible. After all, you’ve only got one body to live in for your entire life.

The truth is: if you move, you could benefit from physical therapy.

If you have aches and pains and think some PT would help, do your research. All PT clinics were not created equal! While using apps and the Internet to research, look for patient satisfaction scores and testimonials. PTSMC patients are surveyed every quarter and all of our 31 clinics in CT score above a 97% satisfaction rating. Also, ask questions and seek personalization for your at-home exercises when you’re not in the clinic being treated – you deserve it!

We strongly encourage our patients to make informed decisions when seeking help taking care of their bodies and health. With, social media apps/sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you’re likely to be able to read the good, bad and the ugly. Use these tools not only gather great information, especially about PTSMC and PT for Life, but to share your experiences. Somewhere, someone who was once in your shoes in terms of decision-making will be thanking you.



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