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Just getting started in your PT career? 

At PTSMC, we know choosing your first job is an exciting and sometimes confusing time for new graduates. What are your options for work, and how do they fit with your goals and your values? What are the choices for professional growth and development, and how do they match your interests? Will your first employer provide mentorship to help you thrive from the outset? Will you be allowed to treat your way while also being supported as you learn to navigate your new career?

All of these questions are important ones as you enter the workforce – many of them will influence your professional direction. Below, you’ll find a collection of free resources for physical therapists starting their careers. There is no catch – we just think it’s important that new clinicians know their options and are able to continue working towards their passions. Congratulations and welcome to the physical therapy profession!

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Free Downloadable Resources

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Planning Your Career in Physical Therapy (free packet to download)

A comprehensive overview of what to consider and what you should know as you enter your PT career. This packet includes options for clinical development and courses, a breakdown of residency and fellowship programs in the field, and a full, detailed list of accredited board certifications and clinical specializations – including links to relevant webpages and registration information!

guide to certifications and specialization for PTs
ABPTS Board Certifications and Clinical Specializations

A detailed list of accredited ABPTS board certifications and clinical specializations, including links to informational webpages and registration pages. Learn more about the options you have to pursue ABPTS Board Certification and clinical specialization related to your interests as you start to build the type of career in physical therapy you want.


Clinical practice resources: clinical papers by physical therapists for physical therapists

These resources include information on new techniques such as Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling, novel approaches to things like ankle injuries and back pain, deep-dives into specializations such as women’s health and athletic training, and much more. We hope you find useful ideas and information you can take and use in your own daily treatment.

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