In the field of physical therapy, patients are treated for a number of different diagnoses. We see everything from sprained ankles to double joint replacements to major accident recovery. One of the most important things to remember in the healthcare field is that we are treating people and helping them improve the quality of their lives. This is a responsibility we cannot and do not take lightly.

Each quarter, PTSMC collects patient satisfaction surveys from each of our clinics. We identify patients who have been to PT for at least 6 visits and/or are being discharged or “graduating” from PT. We receive accolades and suggestions for improvements – which we also do not take lightly. At the end of every survey, we ask for comments. Some people choose to contribute and responses can remain anonymous.

This past November, our Guilford clinic asked Gwen Fletcher who was seeing Jane Rosadini, MS, OTR, to complete one of our surveys. We won’t reveal her “scores” for her experience, but her comments were so touching that we had to share. It’s important to note that the image below is in Gwen’s own handwriting…a point that has some serious significance.


Physical therapy is often an extremely emotional experience for people struggling with an injury or condition. We understand that lives have sometimes been so severely altered by certain setbacks, and we do everything we can do improve function, minimize pain, get people back to being able to live their lives the way they want to.

Major thanks to Gwen for opening up about her story, having trust in the process and our people, and for so effectively sharing the #powerofPT.


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