Upper Extremity

Isometric External Rotation Walkout
Isometric Shoulder ADD Ball
Isometric Shoulder Flexion Ball
Putty Pinching
Shoulder ABD with Band
Shoulder ADD with Band
Shoulder EXT with Band
Shoulder IR with Band
Supine Arm Circles
Supine Shoulder Alphabet
V Slides and Lifts
Wall Push-Up
Isometric Internal Rotation Walkout
Isometric Shoulder ER Ball
Isometric Shoulder IR Ball
Prone Shoulder Extension with ER
Biceps Curls
Shoulder ER with Band
Shoulder Flexion with Cane Supine
Shoulder Side Lying Abduction
Supine Flys
Wall Angels
Wrist Therabar
Isometric Shoulder ABD Ball
Isometric Shoulder Extension Ball
Open Books with Band
Putty Gripping
Row with Band
Shoulder ABD with Cane
Shoulder ER with Cane Supine
Shoulder Horizontal ABD with Band
Shoulder Side Lying External Rotation
Supine Serratus Punches
Triceps Extension with Band
Wall Clocks
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