Lower Extremity

Ankle Alphabet
Ankle Inversion
BAPS Circles
Bird Dip
Dead Bug
Hip 4 Way
Lateral Band Walk
Monster Walk
Quad Set
Single Leg Stand
Step Ups
Total Knee Extension – TKE
Ankle Dorsiflexion
Ankle PF
BAPS Forward and Back
Calf Raise
Fitter Hip ABD
Ankle 4-Way with Band
Lateral Step Up/Down
Nose Squish
Short Arc Quad
Single Leg Stand c Airex
Straight Leg Raise
Wall Squat
Ankle Eversion
Ankle Pumps
BAPS Side to Side
Hamstring Curl
Isometric Hip Adduction with Ball
Long Arc Quad
Prone Hip Extension
Sidelying Hip Abduction
Single Leg Stand c BOSU
Total Gym Squat
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