Ski Fitness Training

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    Get the most out of your season with our fully custom, 1-on-1 training program

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    If you’re looking to truly optimize your body, or looking to address or prevent recurring pain that pops up every ski season, come directly to our clinic for a fully customized training and fitness program!

    Instead of a generic strength training program, our licensed musculoskeletal experts will do a full-body individualized movement assessment to gauge weaknesses, imbalances, and other areas you need specific work on. We’ll then create a fully customized program to meet your needs, including special exercises with our cutting-edge equipment in the clinic, and exercises and stretches you can do at home and before/after activity to prevent injury and optimize performance. No online or group training program can match this 1-on-1 approach!

    All Fitness Programs Include:

    • 1-on-1 Fitness Assessments to identify weaknesses and imbalances
    • Fully customized fitness training program created to meet your goals
    • Cutting-edge techniques like Dry Needling and Blood Flow Restriction Training
    • Access to our modern gym equipment, under the supervision of a licensed expert
    • Home exercise programs to continue training in your own time
    • Education on stretching and preparation for injury prevention


    $200: One (1) 1-hour training session (includes takeaway home training program)

    $500: Four (4) 1-hour training sessions on a transferable virtual punchcard (can be used by multiple parties)

    $1,000: Ten (10) 1-hour training sessions on a transferable virtual punchcard (can be used by multiple parties)

    Every package includes a 1-on-1 fitness assessment to evaluate weaknesses and imbalances and set program goals

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