SAFE care in-clinic and via telehealth. 

COVID-19 updates and information

PTSMC clinics have remained open and safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. All PTSMC and PT For Life clinics continue to follow Connecticut’s policies that align with the recently modified CDC recommendations. Masks are required to be worn by everyone in healthcare facilities, regardless of vaccination status.

For those unable to come to our clinics, we continue to offer telehealth visits in addition to safe clinical care.

At PTSMC, we are doing our part to provide our musculoskeletal expertise while hospitals and medical offices are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. We want to be a valuable resource for our communities, and our healthcare system, in this uncertain time. Our mission is to “improve the quality of peoples’ lives.” With careful consideration and precaution, we will continue to do that by providing treatment for those in need. In short, we are still here for you.

Thank you for choosing PTSMC and PT For Life as your physical therapy provider.

Safe one-on-one treatment

Branford clinic shot

Our staff understands the absolute importance of safety and precaution in these times. We have implemented strict procedures for all PTSMC clinics, following state recommendations and CDC guidelines for healthcare facilities.

We know that pain doesn’t stop just because the world around us does. PTSMC clinics remain open for in-person evaluations and treatment. To request an appointment, click here.

Telehealth at PTSMC

DoxyMe telehealth physical therapy visits

For the safety of “at-risk” patients and others who prefer not to visit a clinic in person, we will continue to offer telehealth services. These sessions are easy to use and are mostly covered by insurance.

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