Patient Success Story: Keith of PTSMC Essex!

Learn more about Keith, a patient at PTSMC Essex who worked with his PT team to go from an ankle reconstruction surgery to running a road race in 8 weeks!

What brought you to physical therapy?

Recovery from ankle reconstruction surgery

How did you find PTSMC? Why did you choose PTSMC?

As an orthopedic surgeon’s dream, I have used PTSMC exclusively for PT services following knee, shoulder, hip and ankle surgery.

Describe your experience in the clinic. What was the atmosphere like? What treatments did you use?

Craig and company really have a great culture. The interactions are informative, with as much detail on treatment plan as you desire while being able to vary treatments to speed recovery and challenge your abilities.

How has PTSMC helped you recover?

I have experienced excellent recovery times using PTSMC. I was back to full activity in much faster time than anticipated. PT to New Haven road race in 8 weeks following knee surgery.

What activity are you most looking forward to returning to once you’ve completed your treatment?

I’ll return to trail running, triathlons and mountaineering and whatever I choose!

What was your favorite thing about your therapy/therapist?

I was challenged, engaged and clearly understood my treatment plan. I could not ask for a better experience. Well done, PTSMC.

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