Sandy Wickman Mason headshot PTSMC Administrative office
Administrative Office: VP of Operations

Sandy Wickman Mason

Master of Science in Organizational Behavior, University of Hartford
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, University of Maine

About Sandy
As Vice President of Operations, Sandy focuses on continuous operational improvements for the organization. These improvements lead to organizational success as a result of working with various clinics and departments in order to achieve a desired outcome for PTSMC clients and the business. Through her leadership skills, PTSMC successfully accomplishes planning, execution and analysis for the organization. Sandy also leads and participates in activities that develop and improve the organization and employees including the oversight of all training and leads the PTSMC Leadership and Management Development program. As VP of Operations, she ensures that information is communicated appropriately, efficiently and effectively at all levels to foster relationships and engagement within PTSMC.

Outside of the office, Sandy is passionate about two things: her family and field hockey. A Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame member, Sandy was a high school coach for 18 years. Sandy stays active in the sport in any way she can!

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