Transitional Rehabilitation: The Next Step in Your Recovery

PTSMC Transitional Rehab

I’ve Finished My PT Program…Now What?

If you’ve recently completed your current course of physical therapy treatment and want to return to activity without fear of re-injury, Transitional Rehabilitation is for you!

Whether overcoming a major injury or dealing with a recurring problem, Physical Therapy is a vital part of getting you back to your daily life. Still, PT benefits do not always cover a full return to recreational activities or advancement beyond your original level of function.

Transitional Rehabilitation bridges the gap between the point of completing your physical therapy program and a full return to activity.

A Team Approach

Your physical therapist & transitional rehabilitation specialist will do a comprehensive evaluation and work together to develop a customized Transitional Rehabilitation program that encompasses:

  • Strength training & conditioning
  • Improved range of motion
  • Flexibility & plyometrics
  • Goal-specific cardiovascular exercise

Meet our Transitional Rehab Team!

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Shelby Howe, Transitional Rehab Specialist

Shelby Howe is a graduate of the University of Hartford with a Bachelor of Science with a focus on physical therapy. She is an exercise enthusiast who is motivated by helping others reach their fitness goals, whether it is recovering from an injury, increasing strength or maintaining good health.

Shelby’s newly found passion is running – she crossed her first half marathon finish line in October of 2019! She is constantly setting new personal fitness goals and believes that everyone has an attainable goal. Shelby’s promise to each client is to provide encouragement and the unique, customized training experience needed to succeed. She will work by your side to make sure you cross the finish line, whatever it may be!

In addition to working with clients in the gym as a Transitional Rehabilitation Specialist, Shelby enjoys helping others in the clinic in her role as a Personal trainer and a Physical Therapy Aide. Outside of work she enjoys traveling abroad, hiking, spending time with friends and cooking new recipes.

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