PTSMC’s Student Program

What does our student program offer students?

PTSMC’s Student Program aligns seamlessly with our mission of providing unmatched experiences.  Students completing clinical affiliations with PTSMC work with our highly trained clinical staff many of whom have advanced certifications within the PT profession.  Our diverse clinical instructor team works with students from a variety of backgrounds to help guide them throughout their clinical education experience. 

Physical Therapy & sports Medicine Centers in New Haven student program

What makes us different?

  • 100% of students surveyed said PTSMC met or exceeded their expectations
  • Students completing experiences with PTSMC are given access to the company’s Development of Clinical Success (DOCs) program as another avenue to gain continuing clinical experience
  • Students will have the opportunity to gain exposure in many or all of these specialties:
    • Pelvic health
    • Vestibular therapy including concussion management
    • LSVT BIG
    • Blood Flow Restriction
    • Trigger Point Dry Needling
    • Graston
    • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

PTSMC Student Program by the Numbers

  • >100 students placed annually
  • >40 local, regional and national university partners
  • 32 locations across the state providing for diverse opportunities

Is PTSMC’s Student Program Right for You?

We welcome the opportunity to connect with:

  • Students seeking full or part-time (ICE) placements
  • ACE/DCE looking to establish contracts
  • Individuals wanting more information about PTSMC’s Student Program

Testimonials from Students

“I feel as if I grew as not only a clinician, but also a person. Every individual I encountered was encouraging, yet constructive and eager to teach.”

“Tom (Kassan) was a fantastic mentor and CI. He really took the time to refine my skills during our time together, and it was obvious he wanted me to succeed and do well. His mindset, as well as the mindset of PTSMC, of what physical therapy can and should be very much resonated with me.”

“Positive work environment, built up appropriate case load, able to practice skills when not seeing patients, CI always available by phone/email, open communication and willingness to teach, allowed me as therapist to treat in my own style”

“Excellent learning experience with excellent staff.” 

“It confirmed me wanting to pursue outpatient orthopedics.”

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