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PTSMC offers more than just the best physical therapy treatment around – we also provide health and fitness services, including Transitional Rehabilitation, Nutritional Coaching and our unique F.L.A.G. program, to help individuals transition from physical therapy back to full physical activity, meet their personal fitness goals and live a healthy and balanced life.

Transitional Rehabilitation

Ally Condo trans rehab PTSMC Avon Connecticut

Transitional Rehabilitation, also called “Trans-Rehab,” is a bridge that helps physical therapy patients return to the level of physical activity they enjoyed before PT treatment. Our certified trainers will work with you and your physical therapist to set a personalized training regimen that will help you get back to 100% while remaining attuned to the special considerations your recovery requires.

Transitional Rehabilitation can also help individuals without fitness experience learn the fundamentals of exercising safely and effectively to reduce the risk of injury while improving fitness and health. This program provides accountability to help instill consistent exercise habits.

F.L.A.G. & Nutritional Coaching

PTSMC FLAG food and lifestyle accountability group


FLAG (the Food and Lifestyle Accountability Group) is a comprehensive lifestyle improvement program to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through group participation and support. Our registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, Kristen Ludwig, uses a combination of private Facebook group, e-mail and Google Sheets tracking to keep participants engaged and on track!

Participants track success through a 6 week “compliance” program using Kristen’s simple and effective nutrition and fitness guidelines. Just in case you need some “me time,” you’ll also have one day off every week where you will not have to keep track of your meals & level of activity.

Learn more about F.L.A.G. and register for the next session here.

Nutritional Coaching

Kristen Ludwig has experience working with a variety of clients with different nutritional needs, and as a registered dietitian, she is qualified to provide recommendations to help you achieve optimal results. Every nutrition client begins with an initial consultation; a comprehensive assessment of current nutritional status, fitness level and lifestyle habits. From there, areas of improvement are identified, specific goals are set and a customized plan is developed.

This program can help individuals with weight loss, weight management, food allergy education, nutrition for athletes, diabetes and pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, and overall health and wellness.

Learn more about nutritional coaching here.

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