PT Profile: Andrew Kalach

Say hello to Andrew Kalach! 👋👋 Andrew’s one of our newest PTs at PTSMC Fairfield.
We asked him some personal questions, like if he could have dinner with one historical figure who would it be, and professional questions. Learn why Andrew enjoys working with the geriatric population and why enjoys the PT for Life culture at PTSMC in today’s PT Profile!
What population or specialization for physical therapy is most interesting to you and why?
The geriatric and older adult population is an area of particular interest and passion to me. There is something so greatly rewarding in being able to help provide someone with greater independence or have an opportunity to help a child know their parent is that much safer alone from the work we do. The ability to empower them with the skills they need for a life well lived are perfect embodiment of our PT for Life culture.

If you could live in any sitcom what would it be?


If you could have dinner with one historical figure who would it be?
Vince Lombardi

Why did you choose to come to PTSMC?
PTSMC is a company with the patient at the center. Across all our locations, we share a collective bond in the endless pursuit of bettering ourselves to provide the highest quality and individualized care that will advance and improve people’s lives. They support their therapists and provide opportunities to advance and empower us to change the patient experience. When you look across at your therapist in a PTSMC clinic, you can know they are supported, encouraged, and excited to better you and the care they provide each and every visit.

If you had your own talk show, who would be your first 3 guests?
Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Richard Simmons

If you weren’t a PT, what would you be doing?
I’d like to think you’d find me running a successful breakfast food truck with great sandwiches and even better coffee.