Although the skills of the Athletic Trainer and Personal Trainer can sometimes intersect, they are two very different professions. Athletic Trainers must complete a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and must pass a comprehensive board of certification examination. In most states athletic trainers must also be licensed to practice and their scope of practice can vary from state to state.  In addition to completing the certification and licensure requirements, athletic trainers are required to keep their skills and knowledge current by completing continuing education. They are recognized by the American Medical Association as healthcare providers who collaborate with physicians, other members of the medical community to provide the best quality of care for their patients.  Athletic Trainers prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate injuries.  However, “not all athletes wear jerseys”. Certified athletic trainers can be found in many different settings such as high schools, colleges, professional sports, clinics, hospital, corporations, industry and the military.

Personal Trainers are fitness professionals. They prescribe, monitor and change an individual’s fitness program. While many personal trainers are certified by a national agency, there is no requirement of higher education or certification. They work with clients to achieve fitness goals, and educate the public about the importance of physical activity.  They can be found in health clubs, wellness centers and various locations where fitness activities take place.

PTSMC is proud to have both Athletic Trainers and Personal Trainers on staff. Not only do we offer athletic training services in 8 of our CT high schools, we have Personal Trainers in our Avon location working with our Transitional Rehabilitation program; a program that bridges the gap after physical therapy graduations have passed for our patients looking to keep their progress going!

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